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EmergentYS Conference

I crashed the Emergent Conference today. I went to interview local ’emergent’ pastors and their beliefs. It was pretty interesting asking them questions about heaven, hell, Jesus, God, and all sorts of other things. The interviews ran the gambit from, Jesus is just one of many ways to Jesus is the way to God.

I also dropped in on one session called Interviews with Three Lost Guys. Jason Evans, a local San Diego guy (I’ll have to ask Jason what he is. I guess he’s a guy who lives missionally opening his house to love all people and talk about real matters. I hope to learn more specifics but as an evangelical guy, other conservative evangelicals would be uncomfortable with where he goes. I’m glad the kingdom has guys who don’t care about the establishment.) Anyway, he had 3 non-christian friends discuss their experiences with Christians. People trying to ‘convert’ them, etc. It was a good discussion for a lot of these pastors to hear. They all were very open to a get to know me, walk in my shoes and be a friend and we can talk about anything.


  1. Are you planning on posting those interviews Drew? I’d be interested in reading them

  2. Yah I’ll post them. They actually will be going in to the San Diego Reader Sheep & Goats column. But I’ll throw some extra stuff in here….

  3. Ah man, I wish I knew that you were here, I would have loved to talk with you.
    If you want, maybe we can do an online set of Q and A, I am sure that your
    readers would enjoy. Anyway, hope that you enjoyed your experience here today.

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