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Stealing our Website: the greatest sign of flattery?

Over the weekend a company in Turkey must have decided they liked the Ekklesia 360 website.  

Our site:

Church CMS

Their site: [snip]REMOVED[/snip].

UPDATE: The owner of the site has taken it down.  Thanks for your help! 


  1. This is just the first step…It’s all a part of an international terrorist plot to clone Drew Goodmanson.

  2. Nice C.

  3. So have you determined what they sell? Not so sure if the added site linkage is worth the cost.

  4. Luke, I’d prefer they didn’t do this, we aren’t looking for the site linkage from them because I’m assuming it will be bad for us. Plus they still have our analytics code so it’s pretty annoying.

  5. I have a pastor friend who speaks Turkish – I’ll ask if he can help find out a bit more about the company and if he might be able to help you write folks who nicked your code.

  6. That would suck if they are trying to rip of churches in turkey.

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