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Sonrise Community Church“People thought [my becoming a pastor] was bogus,” said Pastor Stan Miller. “They said, ‘He’s lost his marbles’ and ‘He’s flipped out.’ It angered the media. They vilified me. Most of this came from my former colleagues at KUSI. It’s because I’m the only pastor and news anchor in the country,” said Miller. Pastor Miller took over Sonrise’s Unite service one-and-a-half months ago. “I was assigned this position. The guy who was doing it left for full-time mission work.” Unite is Sonrise’s “postmodern” evening service for young adults. I asked Miller what a postmodern service was. “I don’t know what the heck postmodern means. I tried to ask the old Unite pastor to explain it, but I still don’t get it completely. Your guess is as good as mine,” replied Miller. Miller concluded that it is a service geared toward younger people. “If you don’t reach kids by junior high, you’ve probably lost them by college. A lot of professors who are atheist preach a message against Christianity daily in their pulpits of the classroom. They can sway these kids and I don’t want to lose them. Kids are very much open-minded and receive [what the professors say], which is heresy.”

Stan MillerThree 15-foot video screens projected a timer countdown: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. As the counter hit zero, the band emerged from backstage to lead worship. Noah Balcombe, the worship leader, yelled, “I’m excited to be here!” Balcombe bounced around and jumped as he led the worship. A pianist, drummer, bass player, two guitarists, and vocalists led the congregation in popular songs such as, “Here I Am to Worship,” “In the Secret,” and “Consuming Fire.”

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  • D. Goodmanson

    October 7, 2005, 7:34 pm

    Meaningless Review
    Regarding the recent article on Sonrise Community Church in the “Sheep and Goats” section by Drew Goodmanson (September 22), let me just say that as a pastor and a veteran journalist, that was an incredibly juvenile and biased picture of what we are doing at Sonrise Community Church in Santee. For instance, the previous week’s article on Baha’i (September 15) was allowed copious amounts of space to clarify its “message,” while Mr. Goodmanson chose to pull only those things from our service and my message that would ridicule or serve to make the college service appear irrelevant.

    Mr. Goodmanson spent half an hour on the phone with me asking about my faith, what I believed and why, and why I turned to the ministry. I wasted my breath. He chose instead to pull lines out of context and ignored the point of the entire message. That bias, or maybe just lack of writing experience, rendered the article meaningless to any of your readers who would actually like to learn more about Sonrise Community Church.

    By the way, Drew, the church is not “nondenominational.” It is actually Baptist. But we welcome all who want to hear the message of Jesus Christ and how He can change lives. I find it very sad that you chose to leave that part out. I don’t believe you meant to be mean-spirited in the article, I really don’t. Drew, why not give Jesus a try, and if He doesn’t change your life, please feel free to ridicule me in another article. I highly doubt you’ll be writing that article!
    Stan Miller
    via e-mail