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San Diego Churches Bahai“We believe that there is only one religion. All other paths that people take are legitimate paths, which represent only one of God’s manifestations,” said Susan Collins, about Muslims, Jews, Christians, and other world religions. For 18 years, Collins has served on a spiritual assembly that leads the San Diego Bahai community. “While we encourage people to be close to their holy books and continually investigate the truth, our writings tell us it is a responsibility of ours to help [other faiths] recognize the new writings for this age.

Bahai teaches that God sends a prophet for a specific time period to teach people. The prophet’s teachings change as humanity is ready to understand more of God’s instruction. “BahaiAbraham came while people were hunter-gatherers and unified them into a family. Jacob unified families into tribes, Moses took tribes into a nation, Jesus unified city-states, and Muhammad unified city-states into a nation. Abraham, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed were a few of the prophets God spoke through. They preached the same spiritual message, even if they taught a different social teaching,” said Cameron Banyan. Banyan volunteers to host introductory gatherings to teach visitors the ways of Bahai. Each Monday night, people are invited to his parents’ home in the hills of La Jolla to ask questions and learn about Bahai. Last Monday, I was the only person to attend Banyan’s introductory session.

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  • Ben Keller

    September 15, 2005, 7:02 am

    It is so strange how the Law & the Prophets, and everything that was done in the ministry of Christ and His apostles (which is written down in hundreds of manuscripts to ensure accuracy), can be so easily discarded in exchange for highly esoteric views of future oneness with aliens and internally contradictory religious pluralism. I’d say I was surprised, but Bahai is simply one of the thousands of ways humanity chooses to NOT deal with the real God.

  • D. Goodmanson

    October 7, 2005, 7:36 pm

    From San Diego Reader Letters to the Editor:

    Convenient Garbage

    What do you get when you put into a blender sour grapes, cheese, chocolate ice cream, eggshells, Tabasco sauce, and leftover kidney pie? Garbage! Which leads me to comment on the “Sheep and Goats” assessment of Baha’i belief (September 15).

    “Abraham, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed were a few of the prophets God spoke through. They preached the same spiritual message….” Oh pleeze! Left out were Aztecs, Incas, Australian aborigines, Mormons, Polynesians, and numerous African tribal worshippers. But that’s a moot point.

    Jesus may have preached parables pushing peace, reconciliation, forgiveness of sin, and several other bits, but He was absolutely clear that He was the way to the Father and eternal life. He claimed sonhood (my own word) with His Father and, by extension, created our familial relationship upon accepting Him. This is why He was killed. He roiled waters of complacent servants of occupiers, Jewish nabobs who, in conspiracy with Roman Empire minions, couldn’t accept Him. He, claiming to be son of the Father, insisted that all of His true disciples had to “eat of His body and drink of His blood.”

    We live in a polytheistic world with thousands, if not millions, worshipping gods of created convenience. We have to get along despite what some radicals might think, and they historically have come from various persuasions. To claim that Jesus was but another mere prophet and not who He claimed to be is ludicrous. It’s a clear option.
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  • Tomas Madamba

    November 14, 2005, 9:42 am

    I am not a baha’i, but I respect and admire their faith in God- just as I do with hindus, buddhist (at least their path to righteousness), muslims, christians, jews, noachides, zoroasters, and etc.

    Clearly, from the replies above me, they are christians. I feel sorry for them because they believe in Paul’s account of Jesus. OH well, may God bless them anyway, because they strive for righteousness and God. Yes, its hard to break away from a shell from which you can see just a glimmer of light, but once you’re free, you’ll see the light in all its glory.