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Musolist – Local Musician Classifieds

I’m going to be re-developing a site for Musolist. Musolist allows you to list free classifieds to find musicians and/or bands in your local town. In the next 30 days the site will be totally revamped for you to use and will add a lot of new features. Post your free ads today. If you are a church planter this can even help you gather musicians to your worship team.


  1. What happened to ? It provided top 20s of many cities around the world till 2 months ago, then after that gave rankings for individual bands when searched, but no list. Now it is gone from the internet.

  2. I went and checked it out, really nice there. Looks like you really put a lot of effort into it compared to just flopping ads on a page. Pretty nice. I’ll recommend it for sure!

  3. Looking for a pro guitarist for Billy Joel Tribute Show based in Las Vegas, NV. Without Musolist, where should I go?

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