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Music that made an Impact

Stranded The San Diego Reader is asking 20 writers to discuss the album or CD that we would take to a desert island, were we to be stranded there. They continue…”Or to write about the album or CD (“popular” or classical) that has meant most to you and why. Perhaps certain songs from a particular album or CD served as musical background for your grandest love affair, or your life’s lowest (or, highest) point. Perhaps your favorite album or CD taught you important lessons — musical or moral or psychological or spiritual. Perhaps this CD or album acted as soundtrack for an entire phase of your life — adolescence, childhood, middle age, etc. Or, maybe you just love love love the album — its songs and their singer(s).”

In 1978, Greil Marcus asked twenty writers: “What rock and roll album would you take to a desert island?” The results were published in a book titled, Stranded. In case anyone is interested in reading the book, a reprint by Da Capo Press remains available.

So now I need to think about this. What album has made such an impact on me? (This will be in an issue in May.) What album would you take? What CD has had the greatest impact on you?


  1. Can’t go past the 1990 classic “Please Hammer don’t Hurt ’em” by MC Hammer. Humankind reached it’s creative apex with the release of that baby

  2. Nice. That just may pass up Manilli Vanilli.

  3. Milli Vanilli got a bum rap. I’m telling you those guys were talented. Do you know how difficult it is to lip sync. look at Ashley Simpson!

  4. seriously…Van Morrison Moondance

  5. I Love M.V.!
    Everybody lip sycs! Try making a video without it!!!
    They were talented, they gave everybody what they wanted,
    and They got bashed because of it!
    You’re always in My Heart M.V.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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