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ekkback_sermon_hover.gif This year has been a busy season for the Monk Development team.  We've launched more churches on Ekklesia 360 in the last two months than ever previously. It's exciting to see so many churches on the system.  We are beginning a re-branding of Ekklesia, including the backend (see image to the right).  We currently seek two new people to join the monk team, and particularly need a solid php person to help with ministries who want ecommerce (and an oscommerce project).  

Here are a few of the churches launched:

Soma ChurchElim ChurchImpact ChurchStone Creek Church

Thanks to our design partnersChurch Plant Media, AM Design, Designwise Studios, Catch Design, MindLightning, Direct Steps, 316 Design and Change Design Group (NEW).


  1. I sent my resume in to Monk a few days ago. Here’s to hoping it is seen – and apprecaited.

    Great blog by the way. Once of my favorites.

  2. Thanks Ryan. What position did you apply for (we filled the css/html role) but still are finalizing the php search.

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