Church Communication & Media – 77 Event

Church Communication & Media – 77 Event

Join me and a group of thought leaders at the Communication/Media 77 Event in Huntington Beach next week.  In addition to actionable take-away plans, you will hear each presenter give a “TED style” talk on a thought provoking area.    I’ll be hitting a topic I hope is thought-provoking, including touching on “Why STORY misses the point in communication” and “why Church Communicators are setup for failure and how their role needs to be re-imagined.”  See you there!

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  1. Yes, I am currently in training with New Tribes Mission, being prepared to be a cross-cultural church planter. I was Intrigued by the title “why STORY misses the point in communication.” I was just hoping someone could send me something or give me a quick explanation of what that means. Thank you


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