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Month: December 2012

Best Practices in Church Website Design

Increasingly, we run into churches who invested in a website, but realized it did not help them do ministry. The website raised more problems than it solved. Stop Wasting Money on Church Websites by Starting with a Ministry Design Process. Our commitment is to ensure clients at MonkDev never experience this pain.

What is Your Ministry Design Process?
One of the ways we feel that we deliver tremendous value, is we approach things from a Ministry Design Process.
The Ministry Design Process identifies how your church does ministry and then works to translate this to the web. We do this as part of our Strategic Service offering during our Organizational Strategy Session. The image above is a small taste of the process. (If you’re interested, click here to learn about our Church Strategy Process.)

The goal is to take the mission of the church and walk through a process to discover key ministry initiatives which we help translate to the web environment. Sample ministry challenges we’ve helped churches with include:

The church has stopped growing or the congregation is aging.
Communications is not clear or reaching the desired audience.
People aren’t engaged or participating in community and they don’t know what is the next step for them.
Leadership development and discipleship paths aren’t clear.
Giving is down, serving is down and people don’t know how to get involved.

Learn more about our Church Website Strategy: Ministry Process Design.

Church Content Strategies, Websites, Multisite, Mobile and more

Over the last month the team at MonkDev has been quietly producing amazingly valuable content for churches.

Develop a Church Content Strategy to Create a World-Class Website – A great guide to understanding how to deliver content that creates ministry results for your church.

What is Your Church Online Giving Strategy? – Participate in our research and receive the results to learn how other churches are handling online giving.

Build Attendance For Your Church Events Using an iPad – Our free iPad give-away for churches that purchase a website.

Free Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Ministry Process Design – Examining the home pages of 3 churches and the top content people click on.

The State of Mobile Church Websites – See the options people are selecting when choosing a mobile strategy.

Multisite Church Content Problems (and Solutions) – How do you navigate the unique challenges of a multisite church?

Churches – Designing Your Own Website – Do you plan to design your own website?

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