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Month: December 2009

The World: Media & Culture

My latest sermon at Kaleo Church, The World: Media & Culture

C.J. Mahaney writes in the book Worldliness Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World.

Today, the greatest challenge facing American evangelicals is not persecution from the world, but seduction by the world.

One of the dominant shapers of what we believe is the continuous seduction of the media. From the moment we wake up to the radio, to spending our day online and ending it in front of the TV, our affections are being shaped. In our world, 100’s of billions of dollars have been spent on media infrastructure. We are bombarded with thousands of ads daily. Can we honestly say that our affection is not being drawn to the world by the influence of media?

Read/Listen to the sermon at Kaleo’s website.


State of Ministry Online

The State of Ministry Online has launched a website. State of Ministry Online is a collection of studies, surveys and research to benefit how ministries do ministry online. These studies involve surveys, interviews, web analytics and other research methods. Learn best practices for ministries online. (Note: This site will be more geared toward ‘ministries’ rather than ‘church web strategies‘. ) Also of note:

  • Gathering of CIO’s & Strategic Web Ministry Leaders – State of Ministry Online is partnering with CIO of Salvation Army and previous CIO of World Vision to engage in a strategic conversation about the future of web and how it will impact ministries. (Limited spots)
  • Releasing Best Practices & Case Studies – Join us at the CLA Ministry Internet & Technology Summit where we will release valuable information help your ministry online. Gather with ministry leaders from around the world.
  • Join us on Facebook – Become a Facebook fan and track news releases, online ministry articles and more.

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