Maximize your company's value.

Companies we work with outpace their valuation target by $10-50M in 6-12 months and 4-6x their value in 2-3 years.

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What I do
Accelerate an entrepreneur’s vision so they can experience liquidity and build game-changing wealth through a market consolidation platform strategy.

Why do a Platform Strategy?


Leaders in place who are coachable, passionate and motivated to achieve their vision.

Competitive Advantage

The ability to identify and/or develop a competitive advantage which allows the company to grow intentionally and quickly.

Operational Excellence

A team that has both hustle and can the ability to execute on the strategic initiatives for growth and value improvements.

Economic Engine

A revenue engine and economic model that allows for value creation through scale or adjusting the revenue model.

Engagement criteria:


$10-50M Opportunity

I work on projects where the leadership and I both believe we can create a minimum of $10M in additional value but upwards of $50M in potential within a 12-month horizon.


Value Alignment

Trust, shared values, honesty and expectations are es
sential in ensuring key decisions are aligned.  An established culture in place that reflects these values.

20+ years of experience growing companies

Key experience as an Entrepreneur, in Private Equity, Executive leadership, Board Advisor and Strategic Consultant.

I bring my experience as part of a 40+ company M&A market consolidation, 40+ strategic growth clients, founder of several companies, capital raises and numerous liquidity/exit events to entrepreneurs who are positioned for growth.

Awards:  CEO of the Year (Entrepreneur Organization), 2017 Private Equity Deal of the Year, Inc 500/5000, Best Place to Work and more.  In 2018, 6 clients were on the Inc. 500/5000 Fastest Growing list.

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What People Say

Our revenue has quadrupled since we started two years ago.   The improved results have stood the test of time,  it has helped us save one-third of the time getting to where we want to go as a company.  Drew delivered for us as we sought to be aligned and grow.

Chuao Chocolatier

Drew brings years of real world strategic growth experience. From our work together our focus is much tighter, goals more concrete and the team has a clearer direction to pull towards. We have had a 42% increase in top line revenues, and 120% increase in profitability within the firs
t year.

CEO, Lithyem

Working with Drew was a game changer. Our team is the most motivated that they have ever been, everyone is treating our company like its there own and we continue to have the best months, quarters and years in the history of the company in terms of revenue, profits and overall results.

CEO, Power Digital Marketing
Who I've Worked With

Maximize your Business Potential

Acclerate your Vision

Execute with confidence the vision, strategy, goals and the plan for your team to achieve them.
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Create Lasting Wealth

Build a Legacy

Learn how to create multiple liquidity opportunities and how to have the chance to both take chips off the table but exponentially grow wealth through an Exit stair-step playbook.
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Take Chips off the Table

Create Liquidity

Determine the best exit options such as Growth Equity, Strategic Acquisitions, Private Equity, or a Platform Market Consolidation.
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Thoughts from Along the Way