Selling Your Company
2019 Entrepreneur Exit Study

500+ respondents in over 20 industries participated in this survey conducted over roughly 6-months.   Also, over 100 Investment Bankers and Private Equity Firms participated as well.  From the business owners, the average expected valuation was just over $30M with a 7.85x earnings multiple at over 100% Year-over-Year growth.  Some key topics of interest include:

  • Top Challenges in Selling a Company
  • What makes the biggest impact to Valuation
  • Projected Changes to Valuation
  • Deal Terms & Challenges
  • Impact to the Company Post Sale
  • Recommended Advisors for Selling a Company
  • Using an Investment Banker/Broker
  • Selling your company to a Private Equity
  • Best M&A Practices for Entrepreneurs
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