What Christians should learn from Queers

The week wore my wife and I out. After a quick dinner in Hillcrest (‚ÄúWell known as San Diego ‘s gay and lesbian Mecca‚Äù Union Tribune) we decided to rent a movie and call it a night. I dropped my wife off at home to put our son to sleep and drove to the nearby Blockbuster. Recently, the movie Saved! was recommended to us, so I hurried to the ‚Äòs’ area and picked up the movie. It was then I noticed a young man and woman browsing nearby. The woman, a hip urbanite said, ‚ÄúThat’s a good movie. It is a little strange though.‚Äù It is important to state, that my week had been a long one, work was crazy, and my wife and I had just had a conversation about serious life stuff, so I had entered into Blockbuster this evening in a utilitarian mode. Without thinking, I retorted, ‚ÄúYah, but are you a Christian?‚Äù Full Article >