The Gospel and Music

culture musicOur culture is saturated with music. Whether we are at home, the office, church, a caf?© or restaurant the one constant factor is that music is lingering somewhere in the background. In fact, as I write this I am streaming my favorite radio station from Seattle , which is 1300 miles away from my desk. 1 We spend more money on music ‚Äì CDs, DVDs, IPODs, concerts, etc. ‚Äì than any generation before us.
Many in our culture find their social identities within musical genres such as Goth, Hip-hop, or Country and Western; their lifestyles reflecting the attitude, clothing, and general interests of their particular musical subculture. Whether you consider your musical taste to be refined or an eclectic hodge-podge you cannot deny the power of music. Music has been used to soothe and bring comfort; to stir the hearts and minds of worshipping communities; to teach young and old; to express the emotions of the heart; to stir the passions in the bedroom; to stimulate the courage of men on the battlefield; and lastly, as a destructive influence to promote ungodliness (to name just a few). continued…
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Author: Brian Thomas
Kaleo Institute of Cultural Studies