Relevant Online: Portrayal of Christians

I read this at Relevant and thought is was an interesting article:

There are a number of things that can make the movie-going experience uncomfortable for me. A sticky seat, a big fro two rows ahead, a diet coke gone through my system too quick, a bad date sitting right next to me. Little glitches such as these have the potential to pull me out of the film and get me squirming for the next two hours.
Lately though, I’ve noticed that what gets me squirming in theaters hasn’t been a bad seat or a bad date, but instead has been the increasingly negative portrayals of Christians in recent films. We’ve all seen them, kind of chuckled at them or maybe huffed in offense at them. We’ve all “gotten down with G-O-D” and Mandy Moore in Saved, all gasped with amused disgust at “Freakshow,” the hymn-singing truck driver covered in boils in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. We’ve argued alongside Jason Schwartzman and Marky Mark as they battled it out with a pair of fundamentalist Christian parents in I Heart Huckabees. These scenes and these characters have initially gotten us to laugh along, but our laughter is terse and forced, because as long as we identify ourselves with the term “Christian,” we must also identify ourselves with these characters, no matter how caricatured or untrue they might seem.

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