My Blog can beat your Blog up

badge5.gifIn a world of fun competition, now geeks can brag about their (blog) strength!  Find out your blogs Page Strength.  So you can go and get the bragging rights, 'My blog can beat your blog up' here is a tool to find your sites page strength.  I took my blog roll to find out who would have the bragging rights to walk with swagger.

5.0 Goodmanson

4.5  Mark Driscoll
4.5  reformissionary (Steve McCoy)

4.0 Bruce Chant

3.5 David Fairchild
3.5 JoeThorn
3.5 CawleyBlog

2.5 Michael Foster
2.5 Pete Williamson

Can you feel it!  A little blog smack-down for you all!  Michael/Pete come on you two!

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