Domino MovieI went and saw Domino last night. It follows a long-line of Pulp Fiction/Guy Ritchie style knock-offs. The film was mildly entertaining (the first half dragged a bit) but all-in-all I’d give it a thumbs down. Just not enough there to make a good film. They incorporated a mild level of Christian Spirituality in the main character Domino (Keira Knightley). But, while her belief in God existed, in no way did it interfere with her decisions in life. God was a good-luck charm or talisman that protected her. (WARNING: It seemed like the producer or whoever convinced Keira Knightly that in order to get this lead role, she would have to go topless. So there are two scenes with nudity for those who would prefer to avoid these things. One of the scenes seemed guided by a contract with how much and in what context they could show Knightley’s body, so it felt forced and mechanical. I wish they would have left the scene out…)