Let's face it, most of us are not writing blogs thinking no one is reading our drivle.  Yes, we want to further the Kingdom, keep our mind on higher things, encourage others and be iron sharpening iron.  But we also want a taste o' something.  Some blog from boredom, others to serve as an outlet of creativity, but I would venture many blog to make a name of some sorts.  We're not too foolish to apply to get on reality tv, but in the back of our minds, we secretly hope our blog will become the 'it' spot for people to come.  Earlier I posted 'My Blog can beat your Blog up and I think Laura (who used the SEO Page Rank tool ) accurately summed up what many of us wouldn't say publicly:

It's a sad thing, but I have unexpressed angst that requires periodic stroking.

So in that vanity, here is another toy:

Add a Digg button to your own blog.   I looked at a few and I liked this one because (1) you can control where it goes easier and (2) it doesn't need to be on every post like many other tools  (Come on, I'm not so vain to think EVERY thing I say is diggable.)  If you want a plugin for every post try this WordPress digg plugin .