Where is God in All of This?

TsunamiPastor David Fairchild delivered a sermon in response to the Tsunami. As many Christians and non-Christians wrestle with the loss of life and severe devastation, it is easy to ask, Where is God in All of This? Quote:

The reason a question like “Where is God in all this suffering” is difficult, is not because we have no answer to give. It is difficult to answer in a time like this because our answers must carry with them the compassion, gentleness, and reverence, that is due. We need to feel the question before we can give any type of intellectual response. We can’t be void of “speaking truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15), lest we represent God as an unfeeling, uncaring, glob of energy that has no real connection to the pains of this world and has no real interest in the affairs of men and horrors of their life. Many of us may want to speak truth, and many may want to be loving, but the challenge of speaking truthfully in a loving way during such a tragic time is not easy for you and I.

This message caused a mixed reaction from tears to anger. As David said in this message, “Here we are. Faced with a choice this morning, our choice is a simple one; curse or worship. That is only two conclusions I believe we are left with when we undertake what we are talking about- will we curse God, or will we worship Him in calamity?”