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The God Who is There
The God Who Is There, 30th Anniversary Edition
By: Francis Schaeffer
The God Who Is There is a full, deep, penetrating look at society and its relation to the church (and vice versa), but it can be summarized in five basic passions, according to author and editor James Sire, in the foreword. One, a passion for the God who is there, the God who directly engages with his people. Two, a passion for truth. Schaeffer felt that the conflict seen in society stemmed from differing concepts of truth, and he calls us to return to the truth of Scripture. Three, a compassion for people. As Schaeffer states in the book, “As I push the man off his false balance, he must be able to feel that I care for him. Otherwise I will only end up destroying him…” Four, a passion for culture. Without a deep, full understanding of what the world is thinking about and chasing after, the church cannot speak the truth of the Gospel effectively to it. Five, a passion for relevant and honest communication. Schaeffer brilliantly focuses on how many in our society use words to mask the real meanings and to hide reality. He calls us to unmask the meanings, and to face reality squarely.
Escape From Reason
Escape from Reason
By: Francis Schaeffer
Man is dead. God is dead. Life has become meaningless existence, man a cog in a machine. The only way of escape lies in a nonrational fantasy world of experience, drugs absurdity, pornography, an elusive “final experience,” madness… In this highly orginal book Dr. Schaeffer traces the way in which art and philosophy have reflected the dualism in Western thinking introduced at the time of the Renaissance. Today this dualism is expressed in a despair of rationality and an escape into a nonrational world which alone offers hope.
He is There and He is Not Silent
He Is There & He Is Not Silent
By: Francis Schaeffer
Schaeffer deals with the fundamental spiritual questions: What do we know? and How do we know what we know? He points to an infinite, personal God whom we can come to know intimately.