Western Confession of Faith

A couple weeks ago, Kaleo hosted a conference Living at the Crossroads: Church & Mission. At this conference, Michael Goheen spent three days helping us understand the current cultural story we live in. The Western Story that we live in is rooted in the faith of progress propelled by reason and science. Our educational, governmental and political systems are built on these notions.  I became overwhelmed with the tension that was presented as it became clear how immersed I am in the American story, with much of its foundations in direct contrast to God's story.  We have drunk from this story so deeply that it defines us.  Goheen presented this story's belief system and faith assumptions (examples: the more goods we have, the happier we will be and if we let the market be free for the economic self-interest of individuals then it will guild us to a better future for all (Adam Smith's ‘invisible hand').  One quote that he gave was a confession of faith based on the beliefs of the West (again science, progress & technology are not bad things but we make them ultimate things).  

Western Confession of Faith

I believe in Science Almighty. I believe in the power of human reason disciplined by the scientific method to understand, control, and change our world.

I believe in Technology and a Rational Society, its only begotten Sons which have the power to renew our world.

I believe in the spirit of Progress. I believe that a science based technology and a rationally organized society will enable me to realize my ultimate goals – freedom, happiness and the comforts of material abundance.

I believe in economism. I believe that the abundance of consumer goods and experiences and the leisure time and freedom to consume them will make me happy. To this I commit myself with all my money, time, energy and resources. Amen.

I preached a message based on these ideas (What Story are You in) asking if we are more shaped by this story than Gods.