Web 2.0 for Your Church

Good read at Church Marketing Sucks: What Web 2.0 Means for Your Church. [Again, this is why we created Ekklesia, Sermon Cloud, ChurchAgent and many more to come…]

What does web 2.0 look like inside the church? What happens when we apply the same web 2.0 attitudes to church marketing?
* What if your church web site wasn’t just another place for information, but what if it was a connecting point for community?
* What if your congregation provided the content instead of your pastor (or in addition)?
* What if events were proposed, planned and put together by the people in the pews?
* What if the church staff did less and the congregation did more?
* And what if money wasn’t an issue?
Do you see where this is going? Suddenly you don’t have an overworked communications team doing all the updates. You have youth group members maintaining an online events calendar. You have a Sunday School teacher posting lesson notes on a blog and the learning suddenly happens outside of the classroom. You have older members of the congregation sharing their wisdom with younger members. You have people sharing and people connecting. Suddenly it’s not the pastor trying to do everything.

It’s exciting to hear this talk. It seems a lot of this conversation is happening but has yet reached it’s way down to the local church. What will be interesting is when the local churches start to ‘get this’.