Using the Internet to Spread the Gospel and Gather People to your Church

This fall, six couples joined Kaleo Church‘s eight week pre-marriage class. The remarkable thing is, only one of these couples had attended Kaleo for more than three-months prior to the class. The other couples sought out a church because they decided to get married. Marriage is one of those events that cause people to reflect on their life, and frequently, people want to find a church to help them in this season. These people often bring (drag?) their non-Christian fianc?© to church with them. It is in this moment, that the church has a great opportunity to communicate the gospel. In our case, two of those who attended became Christians while in the class.
Pre-marriage classes are just one of the many opportunities your church has to gather people into Kingdom mission. There are numerous windows in people’s lives such as pregnancy, moving, job loss, children growing up, marriage, death, counseling, etc. But let me explain how 10 people joined our church using pre-marriage as the example. Several months ago, Kaleo created a page on our website about San Diego pre-marriage counseling. When couples in our area search for san diego pre-marriage counseling, Kaleo ranks #1 on Google [and who doesn’t use Google?]. It is through this that all five of the couples found us on the internet. (More couples contacted us but opted against our 8-week Pre-Marriage course once they learned about our adherence to Scripture).
This is just one technique to use the internet for the spread of the gospel.
Case Study: How you can gather people to your church through search engine optimization for premarriage or any other ideas.