Today the elders of Kaleo Church met to discuss the different ministries.  We agreed that we needed to assess the current state of the ministries and we needed a framework of how we would keep an ongoing tab on the health of the ministry.  We can determine the state of each ministry using analysis from a triperspectival framework. 

Don't know the triperspectival framework?  This framework is based on John Frame's The Doctrine of Knowledge of God.  John writes: “The knowledge of God’s law, the world, and the self are interdependent and ultimately identical” (The Doctrine of Knowledge of God, Presbyterian and Reformed 1987, p.89). “Human knowledge can be understood in three ways: as knowledge of God’s norm, as knowledge of the situation [environment], and as knowledge of ourselves. None can be achieved without the others. Each includes the others.” (p.75)

Normative: the Word, authority
Situational: the World, environment
Existential: our self

These perspectives were perfectly fulfilled in Jesus Christ as a Prophet, Priest and King. 

Prophet – Jesus declared the norm/Word with authority
Priest – Jesus ministered God’s presence to the people perfectly redeeming them.
King – Jesus exercised God’s control and had full dominion over creation.

It is from these perspectives that we must evaluate the ministry as Prophet, Priest & King.

Triperspectival Ministry Assessment 

Prophet Analysis – What is the purpose/goal/vision of the ministry?  Do these goals agree with the Bible?  Are those involved in the ministry aware of the theological convictions guiding their ministry?  Have we taught on these areas as needed? 

Priest Analysis – Is the ministry grace centered?  What is the motivational structures people use to serve in the ministry?  Is it the gospel?  Does the ministry take the needs of the people into account?  

King Analysis – What people, systems, resources does the ministry need?  What needs to happen to improve the ministry?  What development, training or other coaching would benefit the people involved?

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