The Importance of Art When Engaging Non-believers

My co-elder at Kaleo, David Fairchild writes an article, The Importance of Art When Engaging Non-believers.

I believe that Dr. Francis Schaeffer was right when he said that the best way to understand the basic world view of a period of history is by studying its art forms, and it is because of this observation that I write this paper. My hopes are that we recognize our challenge in finding appropriate vehicles of communication directly connected to our interest, or lack thereof, in works of art produced by those who make up our culture.
If we are to be faithful to the cultural mandate given to us in Genesis 1, we must see that this mandate was and is not limited only to “creeping things” on the face of the earth, but to the entire scope of our existence and the expressions of our life in every conceivable area. This means that our engagement, understanding, and enjoyment of art as part of our culture and time is not optional if we are to see the whole of life under the reign of Christ, especially if our interest is to see this reign extended to the hearts of those we love most.