Shared Missional Community Leadership based on Soma Identities

As Kaleo continues to invest in the life of our local church one of the desires brought up is to more greatly share leadership. Could there be a shared leadership model based on our identities? In this, Zac Anderson and Jeff Ramsey brought up an idea about what shared leadership looks like based on our identities as family, missionaries, servants, and learners.
We discussed what activities, roles, and areas of focus a leader in each identity might have.
Family: encouragement, teaching, care (know needs!), hospitality, counseling, DNA brother to brother, children, admin, historian, pay bills
Missionary: faithful to living out the mission, evangelist, seek opportunities for mission and service, outward passion
Servants: empathy, intuitive, gifts of service, hospitality, deacon, serving community, Sunday gathering
Learners/Disciples: scriptures, DNA, teach MC members (know how to teach), godly example, equipping, facilitating gospel in all of life, storying, coaching
How do you share leadership? What are the obstacles to enacting a shared leadership model?
Concurrently, Caesar who met with the Missio guys and a church in Austin that spoke about how they share leadership based on GCM. One of the missional aspects they discussed was a ‘Community’ leader could even be a person who is not a believer.