Sermon Zeitgeist

Sermon CloudOne of the cool things about Sermon Cloud is it gives you a sort of sermon zeitgeist.  Because Sermon Cloud is fairly new, it has taken a bit to find out what people are preaching on and who are the popular preachers.  Here are some tidbits:

1) Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, has the most popular sermon (in terms of downloads) at Sermon Cloud.  He preached Incarnational Gospel at his home church Imago Dei.  It has been downloaded over 1,000 times. 

2) Rick McKinley's pastor of Imago Dei preached Inconvenient Christianity, the most 'amened' sermon just edging Noel Heikkinen by one 'amen'.

2) The most popular preacher in terms of people 'searching' is Tim Keller from Redeemer NY. 

3) You can view where all the churches are and find out who is preaching in your home town using our Church/Preacher Map page.

4) In light of the Ted Haggard scandal, only one sermon (Check Your Posture: A Message Regarding Ted Haggard)had his name in the title or meta tags.  But during that week this was the most popular sermon.

Do you own zeitgeist.  Go to the Sermon 'Search' page and filter by downloads or go to view the sermons with the most amens .