Sermon: How do I know if God is pleased with me?

Several months ago a telling question was asked in the sermon; “How many people feel like God is not pleased with you?” In a moment of honesty, about sixty-percent of the people in the room raised their hands. For those of you who were not there, I’d ask that you think about this question: Do you feel like God is not pleased with you?
I remember my thought process when this question was asked. My reaction was split between my mind and my feelings. I immediately thought through my Biblical understanding of being in Christ so I am not condemned but my feelings and my knowledge of my sinfulness betrayed this liberating knowledge. I don’t know what your reaction is but the biggest obstacle I imagine we face is confronting our feelings with right thinking. Let’s look at some of the errors that cause us to feel that God is not pleased with us.
Today, I would like us to consider this idea; is God pleased with you? How, if at all, can we please God? And what are the implications this answer has on our Christian walk?
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