Seattle Trip & Reformission Conference

Tyler & familyLast week my family returned to Seattle (we lived there nine years) and attended a conference at Mars Hill. The conference was called Reformission 2004. “The gospel has the power to transform lives, and indeed our culture. The goal of the Acts 29 Network is to plant churches that effectively reach the emerging generation. To accomplish this, young leaders need to be equipped with a solid theological understanding of the gospel. If our understanding of the gospel is weak, our proclamation and evangelism will be weak and fruitless. The Reformission conference will speak into areas of theological confusion prevalent today.” The most amazing part of the conference was hearing John Piper. That man blew me and a lot of people away. I hear they are going to put up his talks on the site. I strongly encourage you to listen to these.
We also had an opportunity to hang with my brother. Picture Gallery >