SDSU Church and Bible Study

Our church is prayerfully considering relocating to San Diego State University. There is a room available to launch that seats 200. Our community are many in their early-to-late twenties and we have a passion for training people up in a holistic worldview. It seems like a college campus is the modern areopagus to do this.
We met with an Intervarsity staff member who said that a Comparative Religions class, one of the selected requirements for students, is taught by a Christian-basher. I guess she has taken a particular liking to presenting (questionable/theory) as objective facts to present why Christianity is nothing but myth and hocus-pocus. It’s amazing how they will not tolerate a Christian professor from saying anything but an anti-theist has an open license to say whatever.
I just ask you keep these decisions in prayer, as of yet we haven’t made the decision.