San Diego A29 Bootcamp Sessions

The main session videos from the San Diego A29 Bootcamp, Influence: Multiplying Leaders on Mission for the Gospel are up!
Session 1: “Influence Through Leadership” – Mark Driscoll (Sound did not work properly, no video.)
Session 2: “Influence Through Brokeness” – David Fairchild
Session 3: “Influence Through Mission & Vision” – Jeff Vanderstelt
Session 4: “Influence Through Community” – Brian Howard
Session 5: “Influence Through the Word & Worship” – Matt Chandler
Session 6: “Influence Through Persevering” – Darrin Patrick
You’ll notice it is MANDATORY to wear a dark preferably black shirt when presenting at an Acts 29 bootcamp.

Two breakout sessions were recorded and will be uploaded next. The rest of the breakouts were not recorded.