Return from the National New Church Conference

I returned last night from the National New Church Conference in Orlando, Florida. It may take a bit but will unpack:

– Conversations and dinners with Ed Stetzer (Stetzer don't just lurk, post a comment!), Bob Roberts Jr., Acts 29 guys. I received a preview copy of Breaking the Missional Code and Planting Missional Churches by Stetzer, so I'll post thoughts on those as I read.
– Sessions attended on Fundraising for a Church Plant by Dr. Tom Jones at Stadia, Outreach Networking: Building Strategic Relationships in the Community and The State of the American Church – Why Church Planting is Critical to the Future of American Christianity by Dave Olson, Director of Church Planting for the Evangelical Covenant Church and Director of The American Church Research Project.

…and so much more. I don't know how much I'll do before I board a plane to head to the Resurgence conference in Seattle.