Recruiting Leaders for a Church Planting Movement

"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few…" (Matthew 9:37b)  How do you raise and recruit leaders to change a city?  Dr. Steve Ogne states that, recruiting is NOT a long term solution.  Ogne believes that effective leadership development systems begin with the lost community.  Pastoral leaders have the responsibility to raise up the next generation of pastors, church planters and missionaries from within their context.   This is exactly what we at Kaleo Church are developing for 2007.  Yet, as we seek to not build a church, but change a city we recognize how short-handed we are.  It is Kaleo's vision to plant 15 churches within the next 7 years through a multi-site model.  This February we are launching our third.  (In this same period, we also have a goal of more than 15 traditional parent/daughter church plants in Southern California through our relationship with Acts 29.)  With that said we are in need of people who have a heart for mission, church planting and seeing a city changed by the gospel. 

In particular we need:

Church Planters who want to actively participate in not just one (a site) but a movement, multiple church plants that will occur throughout the city. 

Worship Leaders, musicians and artists who understand the vision/philosophy of ministry where the style of worship is an expression of the local context, yet rich and true in it's theological proclamations. 

Church Interns and others who want want to roll-up their sleeves and see what it means to learn theology while on mission.

Gospel-Centered Counselors who want to join our counseling center to change & counsel people through gospel transformation.  We just launched Kaleo Christian Counseling Center to minister to both people in the church and to the city at large. 

Supporters who have a heart for reaching San Diego and are willing to pray, donate time, finances and other resources to change the city.