Raising Leaders for Multiplication – Session at GCA

Speaker: Dr. Steve Ogne

Ogne's session presented a framework for raising up leaders in a local church.  One of the thoughts I've had for a month or so (I mentioned it about re-thinking the role of elders that I still haven't posted on yet, but plan to) is:

    Churches tend to primarily raise leaders to serve the internal needs of the church, rather than towards leading/developing others toward mission.

Ogne believes most churches conduct the leadership process backwards.  First they try to train people in a theological competence, only later do they teach them to mobilize/lead others and disciple people. This is something at Kaleo we have thought about.  We take theology very seriously and often want to have this trained-out prior to giving people an opportunity to lead.  Rick Mckinley made a good point to David Fairchild a while back that has caused us to rethink this, "We assume we should teach people their theology and then send them on mission, rather than teaching them theology on mission." (paraphrase).  Theology is best taught in practical application.  Thinking through the theology of suffering is quite different as a logical/theological argument versus counseling a family who just lost a child. 

For more of the actual session, David did a great summary: Raising Leaders for Multiplication