Puerto Vallarta Vacation

 Puerto Vallarta VacationToday I returned from a week-long vacation to Puerto Vallarta (a few pictures from the trip ).  Each year I take my wife on a one-week vacation (without the kids) to celebrate our anniversary.  Last year we went to New York.  This year all we wanted to do is sit on the beach, enjoy the sea/sand and relax.  We went parasailing, too trips to Bucerias and enjoyed a lot of reading.  I highly recommend the trip to anyone.  You can even finance your vacation if you need to.

Books Read: Leading Change, Shepherding a Child's Heart, Getting Things Done (again.  Thanks to Cawley) and The God Who is There.

I'm back and man is there a lot to do.  Hundreds of emails in the inbox, a church conference to put on next week, a new SDSU church to plant by September 3rd and many more…