Post-Christian America & the Urgency of Church Planting

A while back I recall seeing the Did You Know? Shift Happens video and wanted to create one for church planting and the state of the church in America. So here it is, just in time for us to celebrate July 4th Americans! (I've compiled statistics from a variety of sources such as Planting Missional Churches, Christianity Today, Barna, stuff from Tim Keller and other books. All-in-all I hope it is a powerful call to the church to support church planting. If you are interested in the statistics, they are all located at Church Planting Resources: The State of the Church in the U.S.) Enjoy.  Watch Church Planting in a Post-Christian U.S. >


UPDATE: I've had several requests, so a Quicktime file is available for download at Church Planting Resources .