Packed, but still empty

Contemporary Churches FailureRead an interesting article in this week’s World Magazine:
“Contemporary” churches aren’t attracting many contemporaries | by Gene Edward Veith

Part of the problem is what sociologist and megachurch pastor Leith Anderson calls “generic Christianity.” He points out that today, one can go into a church (especially a megachurch) of nearly any denomination‚ÄîBaptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Wesleyan, Lutheran‚Äîand be unable to notice any difference among them. They all are likely to use the same praise songs and contemporary worship style. The sermons will tend to be about practical biblical tips for successful living, and go light on doctrine and sin. Also, all of these different denominations tend to use Sunday-school curriculum and other material from the same nondenominational publishers. These companies purposefully avoid all controversial issues and doctrinal distinctives, which would limit their market share.

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