New York City Trip

I’m back. My wife and I had a great time in New York city.
Sunday Evening– Arrival, Times Square
Monday – A trip around all NY city boroughs with a local cop of 20 years, whose father was a cop before him. Great time filled with stories and other valuable ‘insider’ info on the city, history, 9/11 and more. I think we averaged 2-3 moving violations or other illegal traffic moves (driving the wrong way on multiple one-way streets, etc) per minute! It’s good to be a cop.
Circle Line boat cruise around the island. Walk through SOHO, Greenwich village.
Tuesday – Wall Street, Financial district, Trinity church, Brooklyn Bridge, Grimaldi’s NY-style pizza (Zagat’s 5 year winner for best pizza), Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Hairspray Musical.
Wednesday – Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Dakota (my wife is a big Beatles fan) Upper West side walk.
Thursday – Hung out with friends in Central Park for 1/2 the day, Upper East side.
Friday – Headed home.
It was a great time, we must have walked about 10 miles a day. We stayed on 31st/Broadway hotel and frequently walked to 76th or down to SOHO. Loved NY, but am glad to be home…will post some photos soon.