National Outreach Convention

Church OutreachI’ve been given a pass to attend the National Outreach Convention. I listened to the promo video, it says:
Every day in America, 6 new churches are born but 8 close their doors.
Only 6% of churches are growing at the pace of their community.
95% of Christians have never led a person to Christ.
Their conclusion, Churches are not effective ambassadors for Jesus. It will be interesting to see all the outreach ‘technology & techniques’ and see what they are all about….these include:
Youth Outreach – How to better reach youth and empower Christian youth to reach their peers and the local community.
Children’s Outreach – How to create empowering ministry that reaches children and families in your community.
Postmodern Outreach – How to better reach the postmodern generation and identify the trends and issues that impact your current ministry.
Targeted Outreach – Proven strategies and “how to‚Äôs” for specific target groups and niche audiences.
Outreach Events – The best outreach event ideas from churches and ministries across the country.
Outreach Technology – How to use technology to expand your outreach effectiveness.
Outreach Marketing – Successfully implementing the 4 laws of effective outreach in your church. (Coordinated by Outreach Marketing)
Outreach Assimilation – Great solutions for churches seeking to improve their assimilation and “front door” ministries.
Creative Outreach – Using multimedia, worship, creativity and innovation to engage unbelievers through your church.
Outreach Strategies – Practical and proven strategies to equip leaders for effective outreach.
Community Outreach – Best practice models of spiritual bridge-building through innovative, authentic, community-based ministry.