I spent today at the National Outreach Convention. I will dedicate a post to each session I attend to share what I learned. Here are the sessions I plan or have to attended:
Breaking Attendance Barriers

Do you desire to see your church grow to the next level? Do you feel stuck at a certain level in your church’s growth? In this session you will learn how to effectively develop growth systems that work whether your barrier is 125, 250, 500 or 1000.
You will learn:
* How to identify and remove the barriers that keep your church from growing
* How to develop effective systems for staff, space, small groups, and finances in order to strengthen your growth potential
* How to think strategically about growth in order to avoid future barriers

The TurnOut Solution: Solving the Problem of Plateau and Decline

Churches lapse into plateau and decline because, over time, they turn more and more inward. The solution is simply that churches must turn outward in order to correct spiritual negatives and to reach lost communities strategically. When they do, they foster health and growth, and see an increase in turnout.
You will learn:
* The origin and nature of plateau and decline.
* Spiritual and strategic dynamics of moving from plateau and decline to health and growth.
* The first steps in turning their churches around by turning their churches outward.

Putting E-Communications to Work in Family Outreach

Our culture is media dominated – a fact particularly true for young marrieds and younger families where the opportunities for preventing marriage and family problems vs. remedial efforts to fix problems are the greatest. These same opportunities provide an open door to use marriage content to reach families for Christ via e-communications.
This presentation will highlight the latest research from secular studies and the Barna Research Group on how the Internet is changing daily life. Identify opportunities for impacting marriages and families through church e-communications.
You will:
* Learn how the Internet & e-communications are shaping daily life among various age groups
* Understand the fundamental and basic considerations in choosing e-communication objectives
* Experience some best practices in using e-communications in marriage, family, and outreach ministry

Creating a Church that Connects & Integrates Visitors

This session is for those who are looking for practical tools that will greatly increase visitor assimilation in their church. Gain insights from a leading authority on assimilation in a concise presentation that provides practical “lessons learned” and “best practices” from fifteen years of working with thousands of churches.
You will learn:
* 7 Laws of Assimilation with associated principles
* Best practices and lessons learned in assimilation.
* The big picture of assimilation

The Power of the Internet for Outreach, In-Reach, and Up-Reach

Websites: The hub of communication inside and outside the church? The front door of today’s church? The meeting room for ministries? When the doors are shut and the lights are off at the church can your website can be used of God to actually reach people?
You will learn:
* How to use your church website as an Outreach, In-reach, and Up-reach tool for your church
* Website keys to create stickiness and generate ongoing traffic flow
* How to improve communication to your community, your membership, and your key leadership
* Practical web-based applications and ideas to harness the energy from your other internal and external media, advertising, and outreach initiatives