Living at the Crossroads: Church & Mission Kairos

living-at-crossroads.gif Kaleo is hosting a conference March 25-27. Here is a brief synopsis:

Living at the Crossroads: Church and Mission Kairos

The church is at a crossroads. The cultural landscape is shifting and it requires thought into how to be a relevant witness in this time. This conference will prepare you to understand the current cultural story, where it is heading, and to equip your church community to be a relevant witness in our time.

Dates: March 25-27, 2008

Location: San Diego

This is not a primer on the materials we are going to cover. Conference attendees should be prepared to bring a working knowledge of missional ecclesiology and gospel witness.  People who are leading missional churches across the country will be joining us and participating in the discussions.

We have chosen a non-traditional conference format. We have set aside considerable amount of time for discussions to occur for those seriously thinking through these important issues. We also desire those who attend to contribute to the discussion. To encourage this type of intimate and intentional exchange we are limiting the conference size to 60 people. Come with questions and observations on how we might be both faithful and relevant in this time.

Our hope is that this isn’t just another conference you attend as a passive listener and walk away with about 2% retention and very little time to work out what you’ve learned in your context. We want to ask key gospel-missional-communal questions to draw out the implications of mission as God’s grace-saved people who exist for God and the world.

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