List of Church Technology & Website Blogs & Resources

For those of you who like to follow the latest church web/technology out there, here are a list of blogs & resource sites:

ChurchTechBlogs (An aggregator of Church Tech Bloggers, that has been added to.)

Blog Ministry (A site dealing with web ministry & online evangelism)

Church Marketing Sucks (Church marketing, web and communication)

Godbit (Designing better church websites)

BetaChurch (Church design & technology) 

Church Technology Review (Church websites, technology and web 2.)

Geeks & God (Everything tech audio, web and beyond)

Churchbit (Group of like-minded church tech strategists, many of the participants on in this list.)

Uneeknet (Design, usability & web standards) 

Art of Mission (Web & church/mission)

Godly Creative (Web & church/mission)

Matt Heerema (Web & church/mission)

Nathan Smith (Web & church/mission)

Robert Evan (Web & church/mission)

Tim Bednar (Web & church/mission)

Goodmanson (web, technology, church planting & leadership) 

Gospelcon (the internet ministry/church conference)