Leading Gospel-Centered Church Meetings

Do you have a structure of how to lead meetings at your church?  In our monthy church planting meetings with Harbor, they patterned a structure of meeting we have adopted at Kaleo.  It includes:

1. Grace Renewal Stories [Existential] – The meeting begins with people sharing how the gospel (grace) at work.  In this time people share stories of changed lives of those they lead or their own.  There is something remarkable to hearing how the gospel is at work, it gives God the glory for what is happening.  We can only accomplish the work of the ministry when God's grace intrudes into ours and other's lives.  In addition, it is a time of celebration that brings us to a place of shared vision and spirit as we seek to see the gospel transform San Diego.

2. Vision [Normative] – After grace renewal stories are shared, we spend some time casting vision for the church.  We try to limit it to one main item that we want to ensure the leaders are thinking through and sharing with those in their ministries. 

3. Just-in-time Coaching [All] – Next, we open the floor for ministry leaders to ask the group for coaching.  People bring up the biggest challenge they currently face.  This includes practical things such as communication/planning, coaching on how to counsel someone or even theological questions.  There is great value hearing Godly wisdom from a variety of perspectives to deal with ministry challenges.

4. Kingdom Prayer [Situational] – We close the meeting with Kingdom prayer.  As we seek to see the Kingdom expanded through our ministries we submit our requests to God.  Only ongoing, dependent prayer will keep our ministries and our own hearts alive, effective, and saturated in the grace of God.