Leadership Development in Community – Priests

gc-development.gif Kaleo Church has re-oriented our leadership development & discipleship to be done in community.  Our goal is to create a systemic discipleship process for the people of Kaleo as well as bring systematic development to those who seek to grow in using their gifts in the community.  We see the people of God exercising their gifts as Prophets, Priests & Kings. 

You can download the example of a Gospel Counselor (pdf), which are typically more Priestly oriented.  The Priestly track would also lead to Ministry Leaders and Deacons (internal). 

See also: Kings & Prophets


Prophetic type – an emphasis on the unchanging truths of God’s character, the gospel message and the mission of the Church.
Priestly type – an emphasis on the care of the soul and caring for one another.
Kingly type – an emphasis on the tangible working out of the mission through structures, strategic thinking and hands on activity