Kingdom Living

A common theme of converstation with people who are part of the emergent movement is this idea of Kingdom living. Most Americans look at Christianity as an individual thing. I’m saved, that’s all I have to worry about. Often Christians view heaven as the goal of our faith. Many people I spoke to reacted to this. “Heaven is not a 401k plan where we cash out.” I just interviewed a guy who pastored a church called Anchor Pointe, he said the gospel is:

Also, I wanted to tell you my definition of the gospel or the good news. What is the good news that Jesus the Messiah tells us about? That there is a kingdom other than this world’s ways. That there is another script to live our lives by. That history is going somewhere. That we can change. That the least blessed are the most blessed. That those who are discarded by society are cherished by their Creator. That those who think they have it all together might want to think again.

He spoke more about bringing people into the Kingdom and bringing the kingdom into this world. When I spoke with him about pluralism and the view of Christ’s work. He said, “Atonement was more of a humanity level of God redeeming all people.” He recommended McLaren’s Beyond Pluralism. Interesting conversation because these ideas were all over the place at the EmergentYS conference. People are totally changing their view of the church, being a follower of Christ and what that looks like in our world.
I’d love to hear some ideas on what you think the good news of the Kingdom of God that was spoke about by Jesus & the Bible. What does Kingdom living look like? What does it mean to be in a now/not yet Kingdom?