Kaleo Institute of Cultural Studies (March Edition)

Greenday American IdiotThe Kaleo Institute for Cultural Studies (where I serve as editor) has released this months articles. This month we have a review of the award winning album, American Idiot by Greenday. The review is written by Mike Gunn and he warns readers “if you are Christian and don’t like to have your feathers ruffled, then go buy Toby Mac’s new album”. Tom Moller continues his monthly articles with a Celebration of Death exposing the duplicity of a view of death without a belief in God. Brian Thomas presents a few ideas on the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite illustrating through Rico how many in American Christianity operate. Finally, Duane Smets reviews Rick McKinley (From our sister church, Imago Dei’s in Portland) new book, Jesus in the Margins: Finding God in the Places We Ignore.
Enjoy the articles as we are busy working on our next months selection for you!!! (Sign-up for our monthly newsletter here.)