This year we have had several people who served as pastors/elders at other churches move to Kaleo and a few more who intend on making the move. I’m currently writing a document on what it means to be an elder at Kaleo (qualifications, expectations, process). Our desire is to have these elders live in the life of our community and only as people look at them as ‘a pastor’ that we would confirm what God has already done in installing them as an elder. This ‘living out life in community’ helps us understand who is called to be part of what we are doing and be faithful to the missional values we hold. Further, qualifications now go beyond knowledge and what was a limited observation of character to really seeing if someone is giving their life to the mission and seeing it in the beautiful mess of being the church. As I formalize this document (we informally do it now) I wanted to get any insight from those of you who have suggestions, experience or resources you’ve looked at to deal with installing elders, including those who decide to move to your church.