How The Feminizing Of America Ruined Communion: Now Guys Have To Go Out In The Woods To Talk About "Man-Stuff" Once A Year

Anthony Bradley posts about…we’ll just read the title of the post. I remember when I was at Mars Hill in the early years, there was so much controversy generated from Driscoll. (Biblical Roles, Postmodern Church stuff) I wonder if he would state his opinions the same way today? I do know it created enough controversy to generate a lot of attention to what Mars Hill was doing….anyway, here’s more on Bradley’s post…

Mark Driscoll reminds us, again, of how the feminist movement (beginning in the 1840s) pushed alcohol prohibition to keep men from gathering in pubs to talk about “man stuff”. Where do you guys get away to talk about “guy stuff”–probably somebody’s basement, dorm room, apartment, the camping trip, and so on. Isn’t it pathetic that men have to get in cars and drive way, way in the woods just to get away to get sharpened?

or this quote:

As feminism continued to infect the church, the feminist promotion of alcohol prohibition help to promote some denominations to condemn alcohol consumption as evil. Driscoll rightly notes,

“In 1869, Methodist pastor Dr. Thomas Welch created the very ‘Christian’ grape juice (Welch’s) to replace communion wine, though it is what Jesus had at the Last Supper. The marriage of Christianity and feminism helped to create a dry nation that put out of business all but the largest brewers. . .” (The Radical Reformission, 146)

Full article : …The Feminizing Of America…

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  • dave

    December 16, 2005, 3:58 pm

    Wow! Way to completely simplify an entire sociopolitical movement down to a crude gender rivalry. As if male alcoholism had no impact on women (I don’t know – maybe spousal abuse, financial ruin, poor parenting?) apart from men having their own private time. If it was as simple as that I’m sure the evil feminists would have taken away huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ as well. Oh, and all sports as well…and the uncomplicated pleasures of ball-scratching.

    I think the church’s attitude to alcohol has been missing the point for centuries but Driscoll’s article misses it by even more. Alcohol is not an unambiguous “good thing” – nor is male-exclusive socialising. Christian community leaves no place for blaming genders and creating tensions where there are enough already. When I consider that Christian men have made up for centuries of treating women like dirt, then maybe I’ll start to agree with some of these critiques, but were a very, very long away from that yet.

    Sorry for that rant, but I’m mightily annoyed.