Gospel-Centered Wedding Message

This weekend I performed a wedding. I was looking for a good gospel-centered wedding message. I ended up tailoring the message from CJ Mahaney’s Sex, Romance and the Glory of God from chapter 2: The Divine Purpose for Your Marriage. Feel free to grab the Wedding Message (Word Document).

…we have an incredible privilege of knowing the ultimate purpose for marriage. We can see that the purpose of marriage goes beyond personal fulfillment. The biblical purpose of marriage is not man-centered. It’s God’s centered. Your marriage is meant to point to the truth of the crucified and risen Savior who will return for his Bride, the church.

By the grace of God, your marriage is meant to be the best echo, the most faithful reflection of that relationship you can possibly be. It’s about being genuinely united in a strong, godly, intimate relationship that echoes the one between Christ and the Church.

Please don’t think of this as merely a helpful illustration or an interesting perspective. It’s much more than that. This is the essence of your marriage. This is the divine purpose of your marriage….

Anyone else have a gospel-centered wedding message they care to share?