Gospel Centered Theology

Church Bootcamp – Session 2
Author: David Fairchild
Church: Kaleo Church

Every human has a theology. From the clearest explanations of the infinite, to the most bizarre notions of man's imagination to dismiss His existence, one thing is true: we all think thoughts about God, whether accurate or inaccurate.

It then becomes the loving duty of every pastor to see himself as a theologian. This does not mean that we are calling our men to sit in a classroom to argue abstract ideas about God; it means that because the need to understand God is so great in this world, that we of all people must be the clearest in our thoughts and articulation of who God is, what He's done, what He's doing and is promising to do. If we are muddled in our thinking and speaking about God, we will find that our people and God's mission will suffer. Therefore, there is a need for Christ-centered theology.

Gospel Centered Theology (text & audio)